Quick tip – How to use Thymeleaf 3 with Spring Boot

Spring Boot, by default, uses Thymeleaf 2 as its template engine. You can, however, make it use the newer version.

First, you must add the following properties to your pom.xml:


This might be enough, depending on whether or not you use any Thymeleaf “extras”. If you do, you must also remember to specify a version for them, as the version inherited from Spring Boot will most likely be too low. Here’s an example for Thymeleaf’s “extras” integration module for Spring Security 1.4:


When you start your application, you will now get the following message in your logs:

[THYMELEAF][main] Template Mode 'HTML5' is deprecated. Using Template Mode 'HTML' instead.

To get rid of it, you must add the following line to your application.properties file:

spring.thymeleaf.mode: HTML

For more information on using Thymeleaf 3 with Spring Boot, you can visit the official documentation.

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