Link Bag – January 2018

Last year I read many great articles on the subject of software development. Here are some that I thought you might like!

Refactoring with the Advanced Boy Scout Rule – – Short, sweet and to the point on keeping code clean

Field Dependency Injection Considered Harmful – – A great article on why field dependency injection in Spring is a bad practice and how to do it right

What’s in a story? – – One of my favorite developers on creating a good user story

How We Release So Frequently – – Deploying once every few months is not enough. Here’s a great article on how it’s possible to do it daily (in true CI fashion)

–force considered harmful; understanding git’s –force-with-lease – – “-force-with-lease effectively only allows you to force-push if no-one else has pushed changes up to the remote in the interim. It’s –force with the seatbelt on.”

Why Continuous Integration Is Important – – For a piece of marketing, this article acts as an interesting and informative preamble to the practice of Continuous Integration. While the article’s content may seem trivial, sadly, many developers seem to misunderstand the core concepts of CI, which makes it a worthwhile read.

We Are Complicating Things a Bit too Much (TDD & DDD) – – A great take on our favorite buzzwords

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