Link bag – August 2018

Another month, another set of great articles from all over the web!

RESTful API Authentication Basics – – great intro to authenticating REST API requests

Zero Downtime Deployment and Deployment Pipelines – – Codeship devs explain their method for zero downtime deployment with Heroku

Java 8 Friday: Let’s Deprecate Those Legacy Libs – – how Java 8 lets us ditch old libraries

8 design patterns that every developer should know – – speaks for itself, really

Zero Downtime Deployment with a Database – – Spring’s take on Blue-Green deployment

Guide to Spring Boot REST API Error Handling – – How to introduce better exception handling in Spring REST APIs

Spring Boot Wonders – – Shows off a few neat features of Spring. You might not have known about some of them!

Please. Don’t Patch Like An Idiot. – – How to properly modify resources with PATCH

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